For a quarter century, Manufacture Adria has earned its place in the design and production of electrical products for the industrial sectors and mining industry.

We have developed expertise to meet the highest standards of robustness, reliability and increased safety while using the latest development technologies. Our design and constant communication with our clients have made Adria, since its creation, a supplier of safe, durable and efficient high quality equipment.


We pledge to respect the laws and regulations relating to the environment.

Human resources

Manufacture Adria Inc., a dynamic team supervised by experienced people. Concerned with fairness towards our employees and our customers, we
abide by principles relating to human rights, work and environmental standards. Honesty, integrity and loyalty guide us in all circumstances in the decisions and procedures of our company.

The nature of our services requires the utmost professional diligence. They must, in particular, result in a high level of expertise and constant awareness in matters of safety and quality. At Adria we respect the private lives of our employees and customers. We are impartial in regards to political, ethnical, social or religious opinions.

Our objective is clear and simple: To do our work at its best. In this matter, our installations, our equipment and our expertise enable us to deal with the most demanding requests.